True North – Hallow

Not quite the hah hah fest most people think , when they think 'Canada'.

Not quite the hah hah fest most people think , when they think ‘Canada’.

This character used to be called Canadian Shield, my answer to Captain Canuk and Captain America. David Wu, a super Mountie, whose body was a spirit temple. He could call upon the powers of ‘the ancestors’ to gain strength and insight.

He’s was a king, a warrior, saint, and incredibly bland. On taking a harder glance at this character I realized gaining power form ‘the ancestors’ was wishy-washy and also a cheap gimmick for a character with Asian ancestry.

So I changed the nature of David’s origin story. In short, a brush with a necormantic altar caused him to devour 13 souls and gain poltergeist like powers. The trick is, even though his origin is grim he’s still the same, decent guy.

This isn’t me ‘Nolanising’ the character. Yes his background is darker but the character is good. A true test of a Hero is being heroic even when the world is dark. The new ‘Canadian Shield’, Hallow, still has strong moral fortitude, an inspiring presence and no self-loathing emotude.

Hallow – David Wu

Affiliations: Solo: D6 Buddy: D8 Team: 10D


  • Canadian Paragon
  • Their Deaths Were Not In Vain
  • Everything Above Board

Power Set

Phantom Gestalt

  • Telekentic Control: D8
  • TK Blast: D8
  • Flight: D8
  • Enhanced Stamina: D8


  • Focus: Shut down two powers to step up a third until your next action.


  • Visions: For 1 PP shut down one power and suffer the ‘Haunted’ complication at the same die level. Haunting visions, from the Ghosts you’ve consumed, cloud your mind. Occasionally they’ll contain sage advice. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power.

Combat: D8 Crime: D8 Mystic: D8 Pysch: D10


  • Childhood: David Wu grew up in St. John’s with his two parents, younger brother and older sister. He had a normal childhood. His family has strong Chinese roots but he’s all Canadian.
  • Day Job: Before gaining his powers David was a Mountie.
  • Origin: During an RCMP raid on a necromancer cult, David took cover behind the grand alter. As such, he was ground zero when the ritual hit. He inadvertently devoured 13 souls. In the ensuing chaos the cultists escaped.
  • As a Hero: After the ‘N Event’David was treated at a meta study facility . Experts were brought in and determined the morbid cause of David’s powers. He was horrified and swore ‘Their deaths will not be in vain.’ He strove to be the best hero possible, largely to great success. As Hallow he stopped numerous meta threats and saved thousands of lives. The public saw him as Canada’s superhero, very much in the style of Captain Canuk.
  • True North: David is a natural choice as the CO of True North, he’s accepted his post with humble respect.


  • The nature of his powers still haunt him.
  • Despite this, he’s witty and upbeat.
  • He’s very much for law and order, as such despises abuse of police power.
  • In relation to Grave Walker: She was the last expert brought in to diagnose his condition. She couldn’t undo the damage but David and her became fast friends. She was his first pick for True North.
  • In relation to the Angel of Montreal: He took a risk taking her in and has never regretted it. Angel is the heart and soul of the team.
  • In relation to Nanuk: David doesn’t pretend to be Nanuk’s master. He’s grateful for his help and proud to have him on the team.
  • In relation to Trickster: Trickster’s a wild card, David doesn’t like that. However, Trickster’s also incredibly useful and deep down David knows he’s good for the group.


  • Handsome in an athletic, clean cut sort of way.
  • Short black hair, brown eyes.
  • In civvies he wears clean, common clothes.
  • Costume is white tactical armor, with a white torch crest over a red maple leaf.

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