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True North – Trickster

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Oh snap! He has an accordion, run!

Oh snap! He has an accordion, run!

I grew up a scrawny wisp of a lad who got his ass handed to him in the playground every single day. The only time I won against  bullies was the rare occasion I’d outsmart them, otherwise it was Beats City for me.

I have no problem admitting this. It gave me a healthy hatred for arrogance and a useful suspicion against mankind.

As I grew up, I emphasized with wizards and tricksters.  Merlin, Luke Skywalker and Nanabush were my heroes.

Trickster then, is a callback to my days of getting the crud kicked out of me.  He uses his wit and cunning to take down the bundle of muscles I was afraid of as a kid.

Name: Trickster

Affiliations: Solo: D10 Buddy: D6 Team: D8


  • Shard of Hermes
  • Cunning Over Strength
  • Secret Good

Power Sets

God of Thieves

  • Shapechange: D10
  • Enhanced Durability (Animal Form): D8
  • Animal Speed/Flight/Swim (Animal Form): D8
  • Silver Tongue (Like mind control but not psychic): D8
  • Superhuman Reflexes (Human Form): D10
  • Enhanced Reflexes (Animal Form): 8D
  • Enhanced Senses (Animal Form): D8
  • Growth (Animal Form): D8
  • Shrinking (Animal Form): D10
  • Godlike Stamina: D12
  • Enhanced Strength (Animal Form): D8


  • God of Boxing: Step up Combat while fighting unarmed in human form.


  • Limited Shapechange: You cannot transform into fantastical creatures. Just human or non-extinct creatures, limited by your powers. Some powers will be limited or shut down depending on the form you take, for instance a mouse can’t have an 8D strength, an elephant can’t have D10 shrinking.
  • Keep Your Hand Hidden: Every scene you do not use one of your D10+ powers or specialties you get 1 PP. You no longer gain such a bonus if anyone figures out just how powerful you really are.


Acrobatic: D10, Combat: D8, Covert: D10, Crime: D10, Medical: D10, Mystic: D10, Psych: D8


  • Childhood: When the Gods of Olympus left Earth Hermes left a piece of himself behind. Trickster is that shard.
  • Day Job: Anything but being a God. He finds it much more fun to help humanity without humanity knowing his true nature. Besides, it’d be bad if Zeus found out Hermes left him behind.
  • Origin: Trickster has always had his powers.
  • As a Hero: He truly loves humanity and has been helping them in secret for centuries.
  • True North: Trickster was unfortunate enough to be in St. John’s during a hurricane. He ended up trapped in a collapsed building. True North dug him, and everyone else, out and he’s stuck with them ever since.


  • Trickster loves playing the part of the ‘dodgy hero’ while secretly devoting himself to the protection of mankind.
  • He’s comfortable taking any shape or sex and has had affairs with all sorts of characters throughout history.
  • Trickster hates those who are arrogant or bullies. Laying low a callous braggart is one of his chief joys.
  • In relation to Hallow: Trickster’s methods are not to Hallows liking, so much that he’s been kicked off the team several times. This hasn’t gotten rid of him though. Secretly he admires Hallow greatly.
  • In relation to Grave Walker: He gets along well with Michelle, she has a sense of humor.
  • In relation to The Angel of Montreal: He’ll talk big about ‘corrupting her’ but secretly he’ll do no such thing. Woe be to anyone who takes advantage of his little angel.
  • In relation to Nanuk: He made a secret deal to secure Nanuk’s patronage of True North. He doesn’t play games with this old Bear God, the slightest misstep on the deal will lead to disaster.

Trickster has no default form. Whatever form he/she’s in is his/her current mode. This suits Trickster fine.

True North – Nanuk

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"Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minster, yes, lets discuss who owns the North."

“Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minster, yes, lets discuss who owns the North.”

Long ago 7 year old Chris heard Manfred Mann’s Mighty Quinn. Quinn sounded awesome and I wondered when he’d show up in the next episode of Super Friends. That was back when I didn’t know the difference between Marvel, DC and good taste.

As I grew older I fell in love with Marvel, and then DC, and then all my friends who liked Marvel would dis me for liking DC, and then I became jaded.

However, that catchy tune stayed in my head and hence Nanuk.

Before writing him up I did a bit of research and discovered the term Eskimo is offensive, hence why the character isn’t named ‘The Mighty Quinn.’ Also, after some soul searching, I came to the conclusion that, no I do not want an Inuit member of my super team being the ‘cute mascot’. Instead, I studied a bit of Inuit mythology and learned about Polar Bear; the Master of Bears. He is so powerful that if you successfully hunt him it’s only because he let you. If you do so with the proper reverence his spirit will tell his friends and you’ll be successful in further hunts. This, is fertile ground for an awesome character.

Thus, the cute little Eskimo in my mind became a regal spirit who’ll work with True North as long as he’s treated with respect.

Name: Nanuk

Affiliations: Solo: D8 Buddy: D6 Team: D10


  • Gracious Hunter
  • Almost Man
  • Out of Seclusion

Power Sets

Polar Bear Spirit

  • Enhanced Durability: D8
  • Elemental Control: Blizzard Mastery: D10
  • Water Speed: D6
  • Cold Resistance: D12
  • Growth: D8
  • Enhanced Stamina: D8
  • Superhuman Strength: D10
  • Teleport (Spirit World): D10


  • Unleashed: Step up Superhuman Strength for an action. If said action fails add a D10 to the doom pool.
  • Immortal: If you die, at the beginning of every adventure make a roll including Teleport (Spirit World) vs the doom pool. If you succeed you manifest back in your northern home, whole. You cannot come back if the killing blow was mystical in nature.


  • Animal Spirit: If you want to talk to humans, as opposed to animals, you must shape change into your human form. When this happens gain 1 PP and shut down Polar Bear Spirit. Fortunately you can speak every language. If you want to reactivate Polar Bear Spirit, spend 1 PP.
  • Righteous Fury: If you are ever stressed out emotionally gain an ‘Enraged’ condition equal to your Superhuman Strength and 1 PP. You’ll be under the control of the Watcher until you take an opportunity to calm down or someone defeats the condition, in which case you’ll be out of the scene as normal for being stressed out.

Combat: D8, Covert: D10, Medical: D8, Menace: D10, Mystic: D10


  • Childhood: Nanuk is an aspect of Nanuk, the Inuit Master of Bears. His childhood was the dawn of time.
  • Day Job: This shard of Nanuk’s duty is to aid True North. Not something he would normally do but there’s no accounting for Trickster.
  • Origin: Nanuk has always had his powers.
  • As a Hero: Nanuk is a spirit, not a hero. Still good but there is a difference.
  • True North: To quell an Elder God in the far north Trickster struck a secretive deal with Nanuk. After the mission the nature of the deal made this shard of Nanuk stay with the group. He’s been with True North ever since. He’s rather frightening but  will respect human laws as long as True North respects him.


  • Patient, alert, the consummate hunter.
  • This Nanuk is actually curious about the outside world. He’ll try new things, just in a cautious manner.
  • He’s proud, and has every right to be. He’s not arrogant but won’t stand for an insult.
  • In relation to Hallow: Because Hallow respects who Nanuk is, Nanuk will follow his lead. That is unless his directions are unwise, however, David has yet to disappoint.
  • In relation to Grave Walker: The jackal priestess understands him, they get along.
  • In relation to The Angel of Montreal: She’s a half spirit with a kind heart. Nanuk will accept the occasional impropriety from her, she means no offence.
  • In relation to Trickster: Their deal will hold, for now. Nanuk will not underestimate him.


  • Nanuk is a 15 foot tall polar bear with ice blue eyes and wicked claws and fangs.
  • When he switches to human form he’s a staggeringly handsome Inuit man, dressed in traditional garb that suits the current weather perfectly.

True North – The Angel of Montreal

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Unlike 'The Stone Angel', by Margret Laurence, this Angel did not traumatize 12 year old Chris.

Unlike the one by Margret Laurence, this stone angel did not traumatize 12 year old Chris.

True story, this character evolved from another one called Night.

Night starred in a short story I wrote for Guardian of Order’s  Path of the Just, I’ll admit it,  The Archer’s Skull, is IMO, one of my best short stories ever. I was graced with a reply with advice on how to make the story fit better with the anthology. It was professional and awesome, and though, ultimately, my story didn’t get picked,  I was honored to receive to feedback, from the likes of Jesse Scoble and James Lowder. They are true professionals.

The core of Night was a kindhearted young woman, who came to life in my imagination. Night, in turn, changed into The Angel of Montreal. Clara’s origin and powers are different but her kindhearted spirit remains the same.

This kindness is key. Clara, is a half-angel, a Nephilim. What’s interesting is that it’s her human half that’s kind. Angels, the way I see them, are like C.S. Lewis’ Asland; good but not safe. In my stories Angels are  powerful, beautiful, alien beings. They’re terrifying, able to bring both blessings and doom. Clara has that in her, but it’s guided by her kind, human heart.

And this is cool.

Too many heroes these days are jerks, we need more compassion.

Name: The Angel of Montreal – Clara

Affiliations: Solo: D6 Buddy: D8 Team: D10


  • Terrifying Beauty
  • Daughter of Heaven
  • Kind, Trusting, Heart

Power Sets


  • Superhuman Durability: D10
  • Subsonic Flight: D8
  • Mystic Sense: D6
  • Godlike Stamina: D12
  • Superhuman Strength: D10


  • Healing Touch: Add Endurance die to help others to recover physical stress. Or spend 1PP to automatically remove your target’s physical stress or step back his/her physical trauma.
  • Purge Illness: Spend 1 PP or suffer d4 Mental Trauma to completely remove any disease or poison related condition from 1 target.


  • Growing Dread:If you succeed with an extraordinary success while using your Nephilim power set, the Watcher can grant 1PP to activate Growing Dread. While Growing Dread is active all 1’s and 2’s, in die pools with the Nephilim power set, act as opportunities. You must accept at least a D6 emotional stress to turn off Growing Dread; you are horrified by your ‘shock and awe’ aspect.
  • Vulnerability, Magic Wards: If you cross a ward against magic suffer a D6 psychical stress. Keep doing so every panel you’re in the warded area. Powers that are designed to shut down magic power sets instead do physical damage to you. Receive 1PP whenever you suffer damage in this fashion.

Acrobatic: D10 Combat: D8 Mystic: D8 Psych: D10


  • Childhood: Clara’s father was archmage, based in Montreal, powerful enough to summon a high rank Angel. They fell in love and Clara was the result. Clara’s mother disappeared soon after her birth. Clara lived a loved, sheltered childhood; her father refused to let Clara out of his sight.
  • Day Job: Clara’s independently wealthy, as such can devote all her time to being a hero.
  • Origin: Clara’s father was killed by his own mystic machinations. He left everything to her, but she was ill prepared for the world.
  • As a Hero: Clara had no independent hero career before True North.
  • True North: One of True North’s first missions was to stop a mystic cult from kidnapping a wealthy heiress. This turned out to be Clara, the cultists wanted to bind her to power their own magics. Rather than drop her off at a meta lab True North took her in. Since then she’s been a key player on numerous missions and  become their most famous member, renowned world wide for facing down terrible evil and healing terminally ill children. She’s had offers to join prestigious American and British super teams, but she’s always refused. She knows her true home.


  • Incredibly sweet and also incredibly naive.
  • She’s terrified of her own power, afraid that she’ll accidentally kill someone.
  • She has a true, good heart. She works tirelessly as a hero of True North and also as the bearer of hope to impoverished, sick or injured kids.
  • In relation to Hallow: He pulled the necessary strings to ensure Clara remains a free and not a guinea pig in some lab. Clare, respects him greatly.
  • In relation to Grave Walker: Michelle’s like a big sister, a shoulder to lean on and a kind ear.
  • In relation to Nanuk: Clara is a little frightened of Nanuk. However, this fear is balanced with a deep respect.
  • In relation to Trickster: Clara knows he’s bad news but he’s so charming she can’t help but be his friend.


  • Clara has a statuesque beauty.
  • Her eyes glow with a silvery light. When she files she’s wreathed in a winged, silvery aura.
  • Her long hair is platinum blonde.
  • She’s the only member of True North with a ‘super suit’. She wears a blue and grey catsuit, reminiscent of the sky, with tall, blue, flat heeled boots. Thanks to her supernatural toughness, she’s as safe in this outfit as she would be in anything else
  • In civvies, Clara dresses in an elegant, expensive, fashion.

True North – Grave Walker

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A commission by Heather Bruton, her work is in In Nomine. I gots connectionz.

A commission by Heather Bruton, her work is in In Nomine. I gots connectionz.

Grave Walker’s been with me for a while.

I drafted a short story called the King of Nines, which was about tracking down a haunted gun. Later, I wrote another short story, a prequel, about her dad struggling with a blood curse. The third story, involved a child murderer who hoped to resurrect his son by sacrificing other children to various death gods.

I like these stories but the publishers I sent them to didn’t so they got rejected.

Oh well.

Perhaps I like the character too much? Perhaps she broaches on Mary Sue territory? I hope not. I leave you, the readers, to judge.

Grave Walker’s origin is inspired by the Grim’s fairy tale, Godfather Death. I chose Anubis specificaly because, A) he’s cool and B) he gets slagged in most modern stories. He is not an ‘evil god’ by any means, despite what the 80s would tell you. Heck, he was instrumental in resurrecting Osiris.

In my universe he’s a powerful, patient and awesome deity.

Name: Grave Walker – Michelle Graves

Affiliations: Solo: D10 Buddy: D6 Team: D8


  • Godfather Death
  • Urban Amazon
  • Compassionate Pyshcopomp

Power Sets

Anubis’ Goddaughter

  • Attack (Staff, Eternal Rest): D6
  • Invisibility: D8
  • Mystic Resistance: D10
  • Mystic Sense: D6
  • Sorcery (Pyshcopomp) Adept: D8
  • Teleport: D10


  • Area Teleport: When you teleport between graveyards, everyone who is travelling with you follows.
  • Afflict Terror: Use Sorcery to inflict a ‘terrified’ complication on a living target. Add a D6 and step up your effect die.
  • Undeadbane: Step up Eternal Rest twice when attacking undead.
  • Magic Weapon: Eternal Rest will hurt incorporeal targets, undead or no.


  • Limited Teleport: You can only teleport between graveyards.
  • Conscious Activation: When mentally stressed our or unconscious shut down Anubis’ Goddaughter. Recover power when stress is recovered or you wake up. If you suffer mental trauma, shut down power until you recover from said trauma. Gain 1 PP when Anubis’ Goddaughter is shut down in this way.

Acrobatic: D8 Business: D8 Combat: D8 Mystic: D8 Psych: D8


  • Childhood: Michelle grew up in Victoria BC. Her father was killed by a blood curse before she was born. She was raised by her mother. She had an odd childhood, with her godfather and various ghosts visiting her often.
  • Day Job: Michelle works in Toronto as a very successful undertaker.
  • Origin: Michelle’s father, William, was inflicted by a blood curse after disturbing an Egyptian artifact. It would have killed his daughter as well but he managed to save her by giving her to Anubis as a goddaughter. Anubis has been a constant presence in Michelle’s life and bestowed upon her some of his ancient rites.
  • As a Hero: Michelle never planned on being a hero but a number of child murders, that ended up on her table, forced her hand. She avoided the limelight, ‘this is serious business’, and became an urban legend. Given the nature of her magic the underworld feared her.
  • True North: Michelle was one of the experts brought in to diagnose Hallow’s condition. They became fast friends. He insisted she join True North as his second in command. Michelle accepted reluctantly. Now that Grave Walker is a public figure she’s been able to do more good but this has also complicated Michelle’s life significantly.


  • She has a calm, adventurous personality.
  • Outside of work she practices parkour and various marshal arts.
  • She’s a good listener and wise counselor.
  • In relation to Hallow: She was brought in to diagnose his condition. They became fast friends. When True North was founded she was asked to join and found she couldn’t refuse.
  • In relation to the Angel of Montreal: The nicest person Michelle knows, who can snap a Buick in half. Despite her raw power Clara’s the little sister Michelle never had.
  • In relation to Nanuk: Nanuk is a powerful spirit being, Michelle treats him with the same caution that she treats all powerful spirit beings.
  • In relation to Trickster: He’s funny and dangerous, a bad combo. In spite of her better judgement Michelle likes him.


  • A tall, African Canadian woman with an amazonian build.
  • Long black hair, usually bound in a pony tail or flowing loose behind her.
  • Dresses in a simple black tux for work. In other cases she dresses athletically.
  • Costume is black tactical armor and an Anubis mask.

Note: If you’d like to see more of Heather Bruton’s work, go here.

True North – Hallow

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Not quite the hah hah fest most people think , when they think 'Canada'.

Not quite the hah hah fest most people think , when they think ‘Canada’.

This character used to be called Canadian Shield, my answer to Captain Canuk and Captain America. David Wu, a super Mountie, whose body was a spirit temple. He could call upon the powers of ‘the ancestors’ to gain strength and insight.

He’s was a king, a warrior, saint, and incredibly bland. On taking a harder glance at this character I realized gaining power form ‘the ancestors’ was wishy-washy and also a cheap gimmick for a character with Asian ancestry.

So I changed the nature of David’s origin story. In short, a brush with a necormantic altar caused him to devour 13 souls and gain poltergeist like powers. The trick is, even though his origin is grim he’s still the same, decent guy.

This isn’t me ‘Nolanising’ the character. Yes his background is darker but the character is good. A true test of a Hero is being heroic even when the world is dark. The new ‘Canadian Shield’, Hallow, still has strong moral fortitude, an inspiring presence and no self-loathing emotude.

Hallow – David Wu

Affiliations: Solo: D6 Buddy: D8 Team: 10D


  • Canadian Paragon
  • Their Deaths Were Not In Vain
  • Everything Above Board

Power Set

Phantom Gestalt

  • Telekentic Control: D8
  • TK Blast: D8
  • Flight: D8
  • Enhanced Stamina: D8


  • Focus: Shut down two powers to step up a third until your next action.


  • Visions: For 1 PP shut down one power and suffer the ‘Haunted’ complication at the same die level. Haunting visions, from the Ghosts you’ve consumed, cloud your mind. Occasionally they’ll contain sage advice. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power.

Combat: D8 Crime: D8 Mystic: D8 Pysch: D10


  • Childhood: David Wu grew up in St. John’s with his two parents, younger brother and older sister. He had a normal childhood. His family has strong Chinese roots but he’s all Canadian.
  • Day Job: Before gaining his powers David was a Mountie.
  • Origin: During an RCMP raid on a necromancer cult, David took cover behind the grand alter. As such, he was ground zero when the ritual hit. He inadvertently devoured 13 souls. In the ensuing chaos the cultists escaped.
  • As a Hero: After the ‘N Event’David was treated at a meta study facility . Experts were brought in and determined the morbid cause of David’s powers. He was horrified and swore ‘Their deaths will not be in vain.’ He strove to be the best hero possible, largely to great success. As Hallow he stopped numerous meta threats and saved thousands of lives. The public saw him as Canada’s superhero, very much in the style of Captain Canuk.
  • True North: David is a natural choice as the CO of True North, he’s accepted his post with humble respect.


  • The nature of his powers still haunt him.
  • Despite this, he’s witty and upbeat.
  • He’s very much for law and order, as such despises abuse of police power.
  • In relation to Grave Walker: She was the last expert brought in to diagnose his condition. She couldn’t undo the damage but David and her became fast friends. She was his first pick for True North.
  • In relation to the Angel of Montreal: He took a risk taking her in and has never regretted it. Angel is the heart and soul of the team.
  • In relation to Nanuk: David doesn’t pretend to be Nanuk’s master. He’s grateful for his help and proud to have him on the team.
  • In relation to Trickster: Trickster’s a wild card, David doesn’t like that. However, Trickster’s also incredibly useful and deep down David knows he’s good for the group.


  • Handsome in an athletic, clean cut sort of way.
  • Short black hair, brown eyes.
  • In civvies he wears clean, common clothes.
  • Costume is white tactical armor, with a white torch crest over a red maple leaf.

True North

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No, this is not the Maple Story Logo you philistines.

No, this is not the Maple Story Logo you philistines.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t happy with my last two posts.

I wrote them on a whim and didn’t give enough attention/love to characters who’ve been bopping around in my head for years.

In that regard this will be a do over. This isn’t to say I’m removing my old posts, I’m just not linking them to True North.

Yay! You get to see the difference between my shlock work and when I actually try.

So, on with the redo.

First of all I’m Canadian and proud of it. Yes, I always say sorry. Of course, I love maple syrup. No, I’m actually ambivalent about Hockey. Yes, Stephen Harper is an anomaly, we’ll soon defeat him with kindness.

As a Canuk I’ve grown up with American superheroes. I would have read Alpha Flight buuut 12 year old Chris didn’t have access to such comics. Captain Canuk was interesting but sadly didn’t make as solid impression as say Superman or Captain America.

So here’s my attempt to even the score in my own, small world. The following posts will cover my Canadian super team, written up in Cortex Plus, for Phantasm. They’re called True North.

Note:  True North is taken from our national Anthem, . . . with glowing hearts, we see thee rise, the true north strong and free. You may have heard a different anthem but that was Rick Mercer punking you.

True North – Grave Walker

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Actually not a force for evil. The 80s lies, it always lies.

Actually not a force for evil. The 80s lies, it always lies.

Another True North character. She’s been with me for years in various incarnations, so much so I’ve written three short stories about her, buuut none of em ever got published.

Their loss. 😛

Even so, I’m not going to quit, when I have time expect a novel or two. . . err, after Knights of the Hidden Sun and my NNWM project.

Name: Grave Walker – Michelle Graves


Affiliations: Solo: D10 Buddy: D6 Team: D8

Distinctions Either D4 (for 1 PP) or D8

  • Godfather Death
  • Oh No, They’re Not Getting Away With That
  • Compassionate Pyshcopomp

Power Sets

Anubis’ Goddaughter

  • Sense Ghosts: D8
  • Commune with Ghosts: D8
  • Graveyard Teleport: D10
  • Summon Ghosts: D8
  • Banish Ghosts: D10
  • Create Charm: D8


  • Area Attack: Banish Ghost can effect multiple targets. Add 1D6 and keep 1 extra die per target.
  • Jackal Guardian: Use Summon Ghosts to create a D10 Jackal helper that lasts for the entire scene. However, add a D8 to the doom pool for doing so.
  • Group Teleport: When walking through graveyards Michelle can teleport herself, and anyone with her, to any other graveyard in the world.


  • Granted Power: If Michelle’s connection to Anubis is cut off give her a plot point and shut down this power set. The connection must be restored, and she must use an opportunity to reactivate it.
  • Duty To The Dead: Michelle gets 1 PP every time her duty to her godfather complicates things.
  • Haunted: Michelle gets 1 PP whenever a ghost asks for her help at an inopportune time.

Crafted Items

  • Dark Staff: D8
  • Anubis Armour: D8
  • Jackal Mask
    • Dark Vision: D6
    • Enhanced Hearing: D8
  • Sarcophagus of Rejuvenation: D10


  • Undead Bane: Step up Dark Staff when it’s used to attack undead, even incorporeal ones.
  • Terrifying Visage: Step up Anubis Armour when making a terror based emotional attack. However a die is added to the doom pool for doing so.


  • Equipment: Everything in this power set can be stolen or broken (though they can be recrafted/fixed in the next adventure). Also, Sarcophagus of Rejuvenation is huge, not portable, and requires the patient to lay in it for 8 hours.


Combat: D8 Menace: D10 Mystic: D8 Psych: D8


  • Michelle’s father was a magician who warded off a curse that would kill her by giving her to Anubis as a goddaughter. She was a toddler at the time.
    • Anubis accepted this loophole given Michelle’s father could have reflected the curse onto innocents but chose not to.
    • He failed to remove the curse from himself and perished.
  • Michelle had a ‘normal’ childhood, in Regina, with the occasional visit from her terrifying godfather and ghosts.
  • Michelle used her connection to Anubis to become a wealthy undertaker.
  • She never got used to working on children, no one does.
  • A string of child murders that ended on her table spurred her to become a hero.
  • Anubis has bestowed magic to Michelle, in exchange for the occasional side job of putting the living-dead to rest.


  • Confident to the point of audacity.
  • Frank in conversation unless she’s dealing with someone whose hurt or in mourning.
  • Despises child abusers.
  • Respectful of her godfather.
  • Distrustful of authority, though will follow David’s lead because he’s a good friend.


  • African Canadian.
  • Built like an amazon.
  • Long, black braided hair, brown eyes.
  • Dresses classy when out of costume.
  • In costume she’s dressed in leather and Kevlar amour, with a featureless jackal mask. Armed a long, dark staff.