True North

No, this is not the Maple Story Logo you philistines.

No, this is not the Maple Story Logo you philistines.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t happy with my last two posts.

I wrote them on a whim and didn’t give enough attention/love to characters who’ve been bopping around in my head for years.

In that regard this will be a do over. This isn’t to say I’m removing my old posts, I’m just not linking them to True North.

Yay! You get to see the difference between my shlock work and when I actually try.

So, on with the redo.

First of all I’m Canadian and proud of it. Yes, I always say sorry. Of course, I love maple syrup. No, I’m actually ambivalent about Hockey. Yes, Stephen Harper is an anomaly, we’ll soon defeat him with kindness.

As a Canuk I’ve grown up with American superheroes. I would have read Alpha Flight buuut 12 year old Chris didn’t have access to such comics. Captain Canuk was interesting but sadly didn’t make as solid impression as say Superman or Captain America.

So here’s my attempt to even the score in my own, small world. The following posts will cover my Canadian super team, written up in Cortex Plus, for Phantasm. They’re called True North.

Note:  True North is taken from our national Anthem, . . . with glowing hearts, we see thee rise, the true north strong and free. You may have heard a different anthem but that was Rick Mercer punking you.

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