True North – Temple

Sadly Bat Moose's application was rejected.

Sadly Bat Moose’s application was rejected.

It’s that time again, Phantasm is coming up and I’m doing something with Cortex and superheroes.

However, rather than run a superhero game in DC or Marvel I figure I’ll play around with some of my own home brew characters.

Therefore I present the first of 5 mystic Canadian superheros:

Name: Temple – David Wu

Affiliations: Solo: D6 Buddy: D8 Team: D10

 Distinctions Either D4 (for 1 PP) or D8

  • Canadian Paragon
  • Temple of The Soul
  • Everything Above Board

Power Sets

  •  Spirit House
    • Sense Spirits: D8
    • Commune with Spirits: D8
    • Heal Spirit: D10
    • Strength D8
    • Stamina D8
    • Speed D8
    • SFX
      • Focus: Shut down two of Strength, Stamina or Speed to step up the third for a scene.
    • Limits
      • Wards: If Temple crosses a spirit ward shut down this power set for 1 PP. He’ll need to be out of the ward and have an opportunity to reactivate it.
  • Canadian Icon
    • Custom Nightsticks D8
    • Charisma D8
    • Willpower D8
    • SFX
      • Inspire: Charisma becomes a D10, however if the action fails a D10 is added to the Doom Pool.
    • Limits
      • Duty: Temple gets 1 PP when his responsibilities as the leader of True North or being a Mountie get in his way.
      • Nation of Law: Temple gets 1 PP when his integrity stops him from taking the easy way out.


  • Combat: D8
  • Crime: D8
  • Mystic: D8
  • Pysch: D10


  • David grew up in St. Johns, with his mom, dad and sister. He had a normal childhood.
  • David excelled in police studies and joined the RCMP.
  • David’s life changed when his squad arrested a necromancer cult.
  • While taking cover behind the grand alter he got hit with the enchantment their leader, Ghost Rip, hoped to enact upon himself.
  • David’s heroic nature warped the spell, instead of becoming a Soul Devourer, his soul became a place for spirits to heal.
  • Captured spirits took refuge in David and this made him stronger, he was able to defeat the cult.
  • David picked up more spirit visitors over time and his powers became obvious.
  • The higher ups transferred him to a meta-unit, where he took the handle Temple.
  • As Temple he saved many lives and arrested many dangerous metas.
  • Three years later he would become leader of True North, Canada’s premier super team.


  • Confident but humble.
  • Holds a deep love for his country.
  • He’s a stickler for rule of law, a true good cop.
  • He is a firm, but fair leader.
  • While he loves his team, his duty comes before them.


  • Chinese decent, all Canadian.
  • He’s handsome in an athletic, clean cut sort of way.
  • Short black hair, brown eyes.
  • Wears red and white tactical armour, with a white roman temple crest overtop of a red maple leaf.
  • Wears no helmet or mask, his identity’s public.

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