True North – Grave Walker

Actually not a force for evil. The 80s lies, it always lies.

Actually not a force for evil. The 80s lies, it always lies.

Another True North character. She’s been with me for years in various incarnations, so much so I’ve written three short stories about her, buuut none of em ever got published.

Their loss. 😛

Even so, I’m not going to quit, when I have time expect a novel or two. . . err, after Knights of the Hidden Sun and my NNWM project.

Name: Grave Walker – Michelle Graves


Affiliations: Solo: D10 Buddy: D6 Team: D8

Distinctions Either D4 (for 1 PP) or D8

  • Godfather Death
  • Oh No, They’re Not Getting Away With That
  • Compassionate Pyshcopomp

Power Sets

Anubis’ Goddaughter

  • Sense Ghosts: D8
  • Commune with Ghosts: D8
  • Graveyard Teleport: D10
  • Summon Ghosts: D8
  • Banish Ghosts: D10
  • Create Charm: D8


  • Area Attack: Banish Ghost can effect multiple targets. Add 1D6 and keep 1 extra die per target.
  • Jackal Guardian: Use Summon Ghosts to create a D10 Jackal helper that lasts for the entire scene. However, add a D8 to the doom pool for doing so.
  • Group Teleport: When walking through graveyards Michelle can teleport herself, and anyone with her, to any other graveyard in the world.


  • Granted Power: If Michelle’s connection to Anubis is cut off give her a plot point and shut down this power set. The connection must be restored, and she must use an opportunity to reactivate it.
  • Duty To The Dead: Michelle gets 1 PP every time her duty to her godfather complicates things.
  • Haunted: Michelle gets 1 PP whenever a ghost asks for her help at an inopportune time.

Crafted Items

  • Dark Staff: D8
  • Anubis Armour: D8
  • Jackal Mask
    • Dark Vision: D6
    • Enhanced Hearing: D8
  • Sarcophagus of Rejuvenation: D10


  • Undead Bane: Step up Dark Staff when it’s used to attack undead, even incorporeal ones.
  • Terrifying Visage: Step up Anubis Armour when making a terror based emotional attack. However a die is added to the doom pool for doing so.


  • Equipment: Everything in this power set can be stolen or broken (though they can be recrafted/fixed in the next adventure). Also, Sarcophagus of Rejuvenation is huge, not portable, and requires the patient to lay in it for 8 hours.


Combat: D8 Menace: D10 Mystic: D8 Psych: D8


  • Michelle’s father was a magician who warded off a curse that would kill her by giving her to Anubis as a goddaughter. She was a toddler at the time.
    • Anubis accepted this loophole given Michelle’s father could have reflected the curse onto innocents but chose not to.
    • He failed to remove the curse from himself and perished.
  • Michelle had a ‘normal’ childhood, in Regina, with the occasional visit from her terrifying godfather and ghosts.
  • Michelle used her connection to Anubis to become a wealthy undertaker.
  • She never got used to working on children, no one does.
  • A string of child murders that ended on her table spurred her to become a hero.
  • Anubis has bestowed magic to Michelle, in exchange for the occasional side job of putting the living-dead to rest.


  • Confident to the point of audacity.
  • Frank in conversation unless she’s dealing with someone whose hurt or in mourning.
  • Despises child abusers.
  • Respectful of her godfather.
  • Distrustful of authority, though will follow David’s lead because he’s a good friend.


  • African Canadian.
  • Built like an amazon.
  • Long, black braided hair, brown eyes.
  • Dresses classy when out of costume.
  • In costume she’s dressed in leather and Kevlar amour, with a featureless jackal mask. Armed a long, dark staff.

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