For Your Perusal – A Sample From Space Pirate Alice Black, Blood Tribute

I’ve done all I can for my first solo-adventure book, Space Pirate Alice Black, Blood Tribute. It’s gone through the editor, the Amazing Mel, and currently the Incomparable Xenotropos is finishing up the Art and Layout. I’d be lost without these ladies.

As it stands I am proud to present a sample of my book. This is just a snippet of what I will eventually sell on Lu Lu, Indi Press or wherever.

Note: This sample is not indicative of the final layout. Think of it as a slice of a rough draft. The final book will be much longer and more polished.

Note II: I’d consider this book mature due to violence and alcohol use. However, there’s nothing pornographic in it. PG 13 I suppose.

As for what’s involved, Blood Tribute is a story where you play a feline space pirate who chooses to steal a particular treasure, how you go about it will determine the fate of trillions. The adventure’s meant to be a dark, high-action, Space Opera where your choices will lead to failure or one of four victories. It’s not merely a ‘go to this page’ sort of solo-adventure, you also use dice for extra zing. Specifically you use Evil Hat’s  open game license Fate system. Go visit them, look at their Kick Starters, invest and buy their stuff, they’re awesome.

If you have feedback please comment, I’d love to hear from you.

5 Responses to “For Your Perusal – A Sample From Space Pirate Alice Black, Blood Tribute”

  1. Looks promising! I’ll be keeping my eye on this, as I like good solo adventures, and they tend to be few and far between. FYI — if you’ll be releasing this electronically (PDF, epub, mobi…) you may want to consider selling on DriveThruRPG, as well:

    Good luck!

    • Thanks. 😀 I’ll definitely look into DriveThruRPG. I plan to release more adventure books after I finish Knights of the Hidden Sun and a separate FATE project I’m working on. Also, if you have time, let me know what you think of the win-fail descriptions. Are they cool or do they seem too scripted?

      • I don’t think the descriptions are too scripted — they fall in line with other game books I’ve played and enjoyed. There are some solo adventures I’ve played (not game books) that are very sparse on the narrative. There will typically be more choice with these, but a lot of the flavour is lost without the extra narrative.

  2. Good to know. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. […] blogged about this before, and have even offered a free sample. It now finished and ready for purchase, just click […]

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