Updates And Such

It’s been a month since I updated so I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on.

Knights of the Hidden Sun

It turns out simplifying the rules is taking way longer than I expected, so I’m still working on this. Also, some of my other priorities have cut into my KoTHS time.

That being said I hope to get back to work on Hidden Sun very soon. Expect more updates to follow.


Space Pirate Alice Black, Journey 1, Blood Tribute

Xenotropos is slowly, but steadily, working on the outlay and the art for the final book. Given how much in demand she is it’ll be a bit yet before Blood Tribute is ready for publication, that being said she’s got a very strong work ethic and will be chipping away at it in drips and drabs these coming months.

Fate and Conventions!

This has taken most of my time. Just this weekend I went here with Xeno where she sold a ton of art (and got many of said commissions 🙂 ), this April I’ll be here. At both venues I have been/will be running games. For the first I crafted a very fast Fate hack that worked really well. For the second I’ll be running a more crunchy Fate Secret of NIMH game and a Wushu One Piece game.

Once the April con is done I’ll have much more free time to work on Hidden Sun and a second adventure book which I plan to release for free.



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