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The Guardians: Thunder

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In Marvel lore mutants are especially persecuted in China. With Zheng’s story I wanted to reflect this while not portraying everyone in the Chinese Government as bigoted against mutants. There are good and bad eggs everywhere and I hope Thunder’s background exemplifies this. Ultimately I think this approach fits the Mighty Marvel way; after all even Captain America clashes with his government from time to time.


Solo:  D8  Buddy:  D10 Team: D6 


  • Heaven’s Roar
  • Web Of Treasured Secrets
  • Hardened Soul, Gentle Spirit

Power Sets

Yang Sonics

Enhanced Durability: D10, Enhanced Strength: D10, Thunder Clap: D12


  • Full Power!: Step up any Yang Sonics but then shut it down the next turn until you spend 1 PP to reabsorb enough sound.
  • Area Affect for Thunder Clap


  • Shut Down: Thunder Clap will shut down all Yang Sonics  until 1 PP is spent to absorb enough ambient sound. Silence at its full effect must be used for 1 action when reactivating Yang Sonics.
  • Vulnerable: While at rest, for 1 PP, the Guide can rule that Yang Sonics is shut down. Zheng doesn’t have his powers active 24/7.
  • Growing Dread: 1s and 2s count as opportunities when using Thunder Clap, gain 1 PP.
  • Mutant: Gain 1 PP when persecuted for being a mutant.

Yin Sonics

Enhanced Hearing: D10, Mimic Sounds: D10, Silence: D10


  • Absorb Direct Sonic Attacks: Can be used to boost either power set.
  • Area Silence: Silence can be used in an area.


  • Hush: Full Silence must be used when absorbing sound, 1 PP if this results in difficulties.

*Mimic Sound allows Thunder to mimic any earthly noise, some cosmic and occult sounds are beyond him. Silence cancels out noise. Use it to to block sonic attacks, stop arguments or aid in Stealth.


Acrobatic: D8, Combat: D8, Covert: D8,  Crime: D10, MenaceD8


Son of The Atom

  • 1 XP: Use your powers to aid someone in a significant way.
  • 3 XP: Your actions change an individual or group’s view of mutants.
  • 10 XP: Your actions result in a radical shift of Chinese Mutant policy for good or for ill.

Friends In Need:

  • 1 Xp: Discover that your contact, Ghost Child, was affected by Xi’an’s disaster.
  • 3 Xp: Save her from harm.
  • 10 XP: Save Ghost Child while simultaneously protecting her from the Mutant Task Force.


Du  Zheng was 16 when a corrupt superintendent hurt his mother. Zheng shouted and blew him 30 meters out of their fifteenth story apartment. Thus began Zheng’s life on the run.

CAPF’s (the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force) Mutant Task Force hounded him for the next 17 years. Cleverness, luck and street smarts kept Zheng safe. He learned to survive on the streets and the wilderness, he forged underground contacts and allied himself with other hidden mutants.

To survive he resorted to everything from theft to defending himself with lethal force. However, he never sunk to true lows such as kidnapping or murder.

Slowly he built a life for himself. He knew people who could watch his back and others came to rely on him. He gained an extensive ‘family’ of contacts and fellow survivors that stretched across China.

Two years ago everything changed. Zheng was living in Changsha when it was struck by a massive earthquake. He was lucky and pulled through with nary a scratch, others however were not so fortunate.

Zheng’s first instinct was to flee but seeing the wreckage and suffering before him; fire rampantly spreading, children trapped in buildings, the wounded crawling and crying for help he hesitated. Then seeing regular folks, men and women who had pulled through much worse than he, lend a hand moved him to action.

The sounds of sirens and human misery hushed across the city as Zheng absorbed them into himself, making him strong. He then used that strength to help those in need; even if he had to tear through buildings to do so.

Everyone who saw Zheng knew him to be a mutant, in fact a Mutant Task Force who’d been tracking him spotted him immediately. However, no one cried in fear, no one sneered in contempt; Zheng was saving lives and that was enough. In fact the people’s cheers kept him strong.

Once the crisis was over the Task Force moved in but didn’t get to far. Ruan Wu the Governor of Hunan Province swept in and cheerfully offered to take care of this mutant devil with a Heroes feast. Judging the mood of the crowd the Task Force officers wisely agreed to leave the matter to Wu.

Wu became Zheng’s patron and kept the CAPF at bay for a few months, all the while letting Zheng rest in his manor.  When the Guardian initiative was enacted shortly thereafter it was Wu’s push that got Zheng a place. He accepted Guardianship which in turn  protected him and his secrets from the Mutant Task Force.

Personality and Appearance

Zheng’s the strong silent type. He works hard and takes pride in simply doing his best.

He won’t speak of his old life to anyone for fear of risking his contacts. He’s loyal to a fault and this also means won’t betray the Guardians. Thankfully his loyalties have yet to be torn on either side.

Zheng’s ashamed of the crimes he committed on the run and sees Guardianship as the best way to atone.

He’s worried about his mother, the only family he has. He spends the lion-share of his free time trying to track her down but so far has had no luck.

Zheng’s a powerful man in his 30’s. He has a serious but handsome face and short cropped black hair. He’s tanned from years of working outside. His costume is simply a gray muscle shirt with the I Ching Trigram ‘Chen the Arousing (Shock Thunder)’ emblazoned on the front and back. He also wears naturally ripped jeans and ass-kicker steel toe boots.

Abilities and Resources

Zheng’s mutation allows him to absorb sound to make himself tougher and stronger much like the Super Villian Klaw. When he does this everything around him quiets to a whisper. He then holds this power in and for a few minutes can bend steel with his bare hands and shrug off bullets.

Zheng can also release all of  his power in one go, either by clapping his hands or shouting. This creates a massive shockwave capable of taking out an unprepared Sentinel.

Zheng’s also mastered the subtler aspects of his mutation. If he focuses he can give himself extremely sensitive hearing. He can also manipulate sound waves to mimic other sounds.

Zheng’s still great friends with Ruan Wu. While Wu isn’t the most powerful man in China he has a vast array of contacts of which he’s willing to make use of in Zheng’s aid. It’s rumored that old man Wu sees Zheng as the son he never had.

Party Integration

Wong Fei Hung: A true legend. You’re honored to work beside him.

Sun Wukong: You loved Sun Wukong as a kid. In person he’s. . . powerful but disappointing. You expected him to be more responsible.

Yi the Archer: She’s a good friend and a great hero.

Summoner: She’s crafty and clever. You don’t trust her but duty requires you work with her.

The Guardians: Summoner

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The Guardian’s have three mystic characters, a bit much I think. Therefore I’m adding a genius scientist and a mutant to the team.

This is the genius scientist. She’s arrogant, bold and a little crazy; she’ll fit right in with Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Victor Von Doom.

I didn’t know it at the time but with this character I’ve ported Azula into my game.


Solo:  D10  Buddy:  D6  Team: D8 


  • Techno Witch
  • Sponsored Genius
  • Fascinated By Compassion

Power Sets

Summoner System

Teleport To Lab: D10, Summon From Lab: D10, Summon From Vehicle Bay: D10, Lighting Blast: D8, Fire Blast: D8, Water Blast: D8, Teleport Self: D8, Teleport Other: D8, Guardian Lab: D10, Medical Bay: D10, Vehicle Bay: D8


  • Full Power!: Step up a blast attack then shut it down until you absorb a similar kind of attack or spend a PP.
  • Absorption: Good against Fire, Lightning or Water. Use Teleport Other.
  • Stun Shot: Use Lightning Blast like a taser.
  • Area Teleport (For both Offence and Defense)
  • Teleport Redirect: Like counter attack but adds 1D to Doom Pool.


  • Gear: Shut down power set if crown or bracers are stolen or destroyed.

*Guardian Lab’s computers can assist in Scientific and Investigative tasks. Medical bay is for healing tasks. Expensive but normal vehicles are available in the Vehicle bay; everything from a sports car to a Helicopter.

Mad Genius

Mental Resistance: D8, Out Think: D8, Mad InventorD10,


  • Unleashed Cunning: Step up of Out Think or Mad Inventor however if you fail add a D8 to the Doom Pool.


  • Growing Dread: 1s and 2s count as opportunistic when using Genius Inventor.
  • Owned: Gain 1 PP when your handlers step in to ruin your fun.

*Out Think can be used in any contest of cunning.


Covert: D8,  Crime: D8, MenaceD8, Science: D10, Tech: D10, Vehicle: D8


This Grand Experiment

  • 1 XP: You protect an individual or group from harm.
  • 3 XP: You save someone as you were saved by Zhi.
  • 10 XP: You drop the experiment and either become a warm human being or quit to study other things in a cold, analytic manner.

A Fascinating Disaster:

  • 1 Xp: Experience one of the current dangers of Xi so you can analyze it later.
  • 3 Xp: Prevent harm to the city in a creative way.
  • 10 XP: Get a chance to study the true source of this disaster.


When Lei Yin was 9 she constructed a combustion engine from the wreck of her father’s disused farm tools. Her parents went to the papers and soon after the government took little Yin away.

Happy with their dispensation the Lei’s never saw their daughter again.

Yin was raised and taught in the nation’s finest schools and excelled; at 14 she held earned a PHD in Physics, at 19 the government relied on her to decipher alien tech and at 24 she invented the Summoner System; a technology that allows teleportation of energy and matter.

Despite her achievements Yin wasn’t happy. She had professors who raised her but they had their own kids. She had friends but was always pulled away on special projects. Her superiors were pleased but they kept her under constant watch.

Yin often ducked her handlers simply for fun. It was on one of these outings that Iron Man and the Mandarin battled over the skies of Shanghai. A stray ring blast knocked her car, a Ferrari she’d stolen from her boss, off the road and trapped her in the burning wreck. A terrified Yin fully believed she was going to die. Then a woman, a complete stranger, pried her out with a crowbar and carried her to safety; in the process her rescuer was horribly burned. Yin’s handlers soon stole her back without a fuss but the experience had changed Yin forever.

That night Lei Yin hacked into Ministry of Public Security’s databases to find everything  there was to know about her savior, an officer named  Xia Zhi.   A month later, when a new Yi the Archer appeared on the national stage it was easy for Yin to correlate her data and discover that Zhi and Yi were the same person.

By this time Wong Fie Hung, Sun Wukong and Chen were already active Guardians, all Yin had to do was convince her government contacts that Yi the Archer was a natural fit and of course they also needed a brilliant scientist on their team.

Personality and Appearance

Lie Yin’s brilliant, self absorbed and arrogant. Her primary interests are science, technology and manipulating people. She’d make an excellent super villain.

However, Xia Zhi’s selfless act planted a fascination of heroics in Yin’s soul. Acting the hero is a thrill for her; Yin doesn’t care about fame, it’s the mix of power and compassion that drives her as a Guardian.

Also, interacting with gods among men is a big plus.

Yin’s a short, impish woman with deep brown eyes and full lips. Her glossy black hair is cut short and stylishly. She dresses conservatively but wears it in a way to draw the eye.

As Summoner her she wears a purple and silver body suit with a long cape, long boots, long silver bracers and a thin silver crown.

Abilities and Resources

Yin’s crown and bracers are technological wonders that allow her to control her Summoner System. With a gesture and a thought she can transport anything from her lab to her location through a shimmering a silver portal. She’s pulled in medical supplies, lab equipment and vehicles to aid Guardian missions. Yin’s also used the system to summon fire, water and electricity from her generators to deal with ‘stubborn problems’.

Her Summoner System can also transport herself, the Guardians and a small crowd of people back to her lab.

The Summoner System can also teleport Yin and close by targets short distances.

Her crown and bracers are not user friendly; only a genius level intellect can make use of the system. If the Scorpion steals them everything’s cool, on the other hand if Victor Von Doom gets his paws on Yin’s tech everyone’s screwed.

Yin’s ‘own’s the underground of Guardian Headquarters in Beijing. Under the stylish, fortified HQ is a well stocked lab, Olympic swimming pool, gymnasium, holding cells and vehicle bay, all connected to the Summoner System. The vehicle bay holds 2 sports cars, 1 troop transport and a state of the art rescue helicopter dubbed the Kenku.

Yin’s intellect rivals the likes of Reed Richards and Henry Pym, she’s China’s premier scientific mind.

While Yin has government contacts they’re rather strained. It took all her pull to allow her to join the Guardians and even then the powers that be might pull her at any moment.

Party Integration

Wong Fei Hung: A stuffy man from the past. He’s quite bright, too bad he’s also boring. Everyone likes him though so it’s best to do as he says.

Sun Wukong: Some kind of Monkey alien with godlike powers. Who cares if he’s not human, he knows how to have fun.

Yi the Archer: Though she’s not the brightest spark, at least compared to you, you owe her your life and you’ll never be able to pay her back. You look up to her and are glad to call her friend.

Thunder: He has a fascinating mutation and doesn’t look too shabby either. You’d study him further but he’s rather stuffy.

The Guardians: Yi The Archer

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With this character I’m borrowing from Chinese mythology again. She’s also an Archer who has a terrible scar. I hope I’ve mixed these elements into something interesting.

Originally I was going to give Yi only one powerset but then I thought of the motorcycle; this in turn lead to who Yi saved and in turn developed into my fourth Guardian.


Solo: D6  Buddy: D8   Team: D10


  • Legacy of the Bow
  • Fire Marked
  • Stoic Guardian

Power Sets

Celestial Bow

Bow Attack: D12, Enhanced Reflexes: D8, Enhanced Vision: D12


  • Unleashed: Add a D12 to your Bow Attack but if you fail add a D12 to the Doom Pool.
  • Stun Shot: Yi can choose that her arrow will not kill her foe.


  • It’s Too Much: Once per adventure the GM may rule your Enhanced Vision is too much to process. You lose your turn but gain 1 PP.
  • Spirit of Yi: Once per adventure the Spirit of Yi may request a favor. Gain 1 PP if you drop everything and follow through
  • Bow Can Vanish: Powerful counter spells or wards may banish the bow. Gain 1 PP if this happens.

Thunder Horse: Portable Motorcycle

Armored Suit (Durability): D8, Speed: D10


  • Wall Ride/Mega Jump: Spend 1 PP to switch Speed to Super Jump or Wall Racing.
  • Shot on the Run: Add a D6 to both your Bow Attack and Movement Rolls, set up the effect for one of them
  • Quick Change: For 1 PP you can be in your costume and on your motorbike instantly.


  • Gear: The Motorcycle, the armor and the bracelet that summons them be taken away. If this happens gain 1PP.
  • Scarred: Gain 1 PP every time your scar stymies a social interaction.


Acrobatic: D8, Combat: 8D,  Crime: D8, Psych: D8, Tech: D8, Vehicle: D10


The Masks We Wear

  • 1 XP: For every person or group who praises you for heroics.
  • 3 XP: Come to terms with your legacy or yourself in a significant way.
  • 10 XP: Accept the scar as part of you and never wear a mask again or you remove the scar somehow or you accept the government hype and live fully as your hero ID.

The Secret of Xian

  • 1 Xp: For every neighborhood in which you show up as Yi the Archer.
  • 3 Xp: Find a significant clue to what caused this disaster.
  • 10 XP: Find the full truth of what happened to the city.


According to legend Dijun the God of the Eastern Heavens had ten sons. Each shone with a holy light  that gave warmth to the World. Seeing this the wise god ordered his children to take turns crossing the sky, thus day and night were born.

As time went on Dijun’s children grew prideful and saw no reason to obey the laws of Heaven, they ignored their father and flew across the sky all together. Their terrible heat caused droughts and set near apocalyptic fires. The Emperor prayed for deliverance and Dijun sent Yi the God of Archery to scare his sons into obedience.

When Yi witnessed the Earth’s suffering he resorted to the sternest measures; He shot 9 suns, his arrows killing them instantly. Yi would have killed last one but Dijun intervened, he ordered Yi never to touch his last child and also banished him from Heaven. Since then the Sun has always risen and set on time for fear of Yi.

Yi and his descendants have guarded China ever since. Every generation or so  the spirit of Yi picks one of his sons to take up the Celestial Bow and become a hero. His judgement has never failed the Archers have trounced bandits, sunk pirates and slain monsters for thousands of years.

The last Archer was Xia Zhi’s Great, Great Grandfather. Zhi grew up in Jianxi but good grades, the right connections and a passion for city life brought her to Shanghai.  There she enrolled in police studies and became an officer for the Ministry of Public Security.

Shanghai was good, Zhi loved her job, got engaged and her family eventually accepted her new life.

Everything changed two years ago during a battle between Iron Man and the Mandarin.

Zhi was off duty when a stray ring blast destroyed a line of cars before her. She noticed a woman trapped in a  burning wreckage. Without thinking Zhi grabbed the crowbar off her motorbike and raced in to save her. Despite a blast of flame burning her severely she managed to wrench the door open and pull the woman out.

When Zhi came to she was a national hero, though the press only conducted interviews while her face was bandaged, her heroics resulted in a permanent, ugly scar.

From there her life went downhill. Her boyfriend left her, work put her on permanent disability and her family were proud but refused to see her.

One night she sat on the edge of her balcony, staring at the city, mourning her fate. Suddenly an old man squeezed her shoulder but his presence didn’t startle Zhi,  it was as if she had always known him.  After Zhi poured out her heart out to him the old man asked if she would do it again, save a life despite the cost. Though she was bitter Zhi admitted that yes she would. The old man smiled proudly and gave her the Celestial Bow. Zhi suddenly woke up to the fact she was the new Archer.

Her future once again has great purpose but also great responsibility.

Personality and Appearance

Becoming the Archer, being fast tracked into the Guardians, fighting along side of the likes of Wong Fie Hung and Sun Wukong; Zhi feels a little out of her league. Regardless she’ll give her all for her team.

In public Yi’s quiet, some say stoic; really she’s crowd shy. Yet with friend’s Zhi’s outgoing and adventurous, this often translates into bravery on the battlefield.

On the job Yi wears formfitting red motorcycle armor bedecked with the five stars. Given her athletic figure she wears it very well. Her helmet has a phoenix motif and allows her long black hair to fall to the small of her back.

Zhi’s helmet hides the burn scar that covers half her face. While her team has seen it she’s never shown her true visage in public, according to the Media she’s a beautiful, mysterious hero.

Zhi pretends the scar doesn’t bother her, even being cheerful and upbeat on the subject, in reality her greatest fear is rejection and ridicule.

Abilities and Resources

The Celestial Bow is one of the most powerful weapons in the cosmos, able to take out Skrull battleships. With a mental command Yi can call it; a shimmering weapon of silver radiance. While wielding the bow Yi gains enhanced reflexes and also vision rivaling the Hubble telescope.

The spirit of Yi taught Zhi stunning archery and the skills of a hero but she still has much to learn.

Occasionally Yi’s misjudged the power of bow or become befuddled with the thousand things that fill her vision.

The woman Yi saved was none other than fellow Guardian Lie Yin the Summoner; a genius technologist and head researcher for the Ministry of Science and Technology. As a thank you she gifted Zhi with the Thunder Horse Bracelet. It summons a sleek red motorcycle, the Thunder Horse. It can clock over 500km and with a rider as skilled as Yi can even race up  a 90 degree angle. The bracelet also encases her in motorcycle armor able to withstand riding at 500k and is also bullet proof.

Party Integration

Wong Fei Hung: China’s true hero. You look up to him and are even a little intimidated.

Sun Wukong: He’s scary powerful but has a good heart. He can make you laugh even in the darkest times. You respect him greatly.

Summoner: The woman whose life you saved. She’s a mad government scientist, who knew? She seems to look up to you so you try to steer her in the right direction.

Thunder: He’s a good man. You respect him greatly. It also helps that, mutant or not, he’s the most normal of you lot.

The Guardians: Sun Wukong (The Monkey King)

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This one’s tricky.

Sun Wukong is from the Chinese Classic: Journey to the West. This novel was written by a Buddhist poking fun at Taoisim; as such Wukong, the hero, was written in such a way that he was able to trounce the entire Taoist cosmology single handily and could only be brought in line with an intervention from Buddha himself. He’s incredibly strong, tough, can fly, shape change, duplicate himself and has the 10 Kings of Hell quaking in their boots.

You think Superman is over powered. . .

Still I want  Sun Wukong on this team because he’s an iconic Chinese hero. Every time  DC or Marvel characters fly over to cause mayhem in China I secretly wish to see the Monkey King take them down a notch.

As you can probably guess I loved Journey to the West.

In this write up Sun Wukong is still hella powerful but some of his exploits are considered to be exaggerated.

Even so he may still be too strong for this game, I may tweak his stats before Phantasm, we’ll see.


Solo: D10   Buddy: D6   Team: D8


  • The Great Sage Equaling Heaven
  • Simian Monk
  • Bearer of Wisdom and Folly

Power Sets

Stone Monkey

Enhanced Durability: D10, Enhanced Reflexes: D10, Enhanced Strength: D12, Enhanced Endurance: D12


  • Make a Monkey Out of You: Add a D6 and step up the effect die when taunting someone to a Rage.
  • Second Wind


  • Make a Monkey Out Of Me: For 1 PP act out when doing so would be a very bad idea.

Taoist Sage/Bodhisattva

Shape Shifting: D12, Growth: D10, Shrinking: D10, Senses (Golden Eyes See True Form): D12, Somersault Cloud (Flight/Jump): D10, Duplication: D10, Sorcery: D8, As-You-Will Cudgel (Weapon): D12,  Stretching (for Cudgel): D10, Shrinking (For Cudgel): D12

*Duplication allows Monkey to make a 3D8 mob of himself as an ally. None of his duplicates can have any die over a D8.


  • Multipower
  • From East To West: Halve the experience cost to bring in Heavenly favors, however miss the next scene since you’ll be visiting the Heavens
  • True Bodhisattva : Spend 1 PP to completely ignore any one emotional or mental attack as you remember yourself and focus on your Buddha nature. You can only do this once per adventure.


  • Yes Master: For 1 PP Sun Wukong has no choice but to obey Fei Hung’s orders even if they ruin his fun.
  • Monkey Dis: For 1 PP spend the entire fist round of combat doing nothing but dissing your opponent.
  • Too Many Monkies: For every round that your Monkey Mob is around your 1’s and 2’s add to the Doom Pool.
  • One Seat Cloud: Sun Wukong is unable to take anyone else with him on his Somersault Cloud. He gains 1 PP when being able to do so would have been incredibly handy.
  • Cudgel Is Gear: 1 PP if someone steals the Cudgel!


Acrobatic: D10, Combat: 10D,  Covert: D8, Crime: D8, Menace: D8, Mystic: D10, Psyche:  D8


New Quest, New Hero

  • 1 XP: Help Wong Fei Hung defeat a miscreant.
  • 3 XP: Enable Wong Fei Hung, in a significant way, come to terms with modern life.
  • 10 XP: Fess up and tell Wong Fei Hung what you did and make him believe it. Must be done at the appropriate moment OR Give up on the World and take another long nap.

Are You A Monkey or A Man?

  • 1 Xp: Save an individual or group of people.
  • 3 Xp: Suffer stress in the defense of others.
  • 10 XP: Show that thunder God who the true heavenly warrior is.


Guiding Xuanzang to the Western Paradise and back was hard work. Sun Wukong had earned his rest so he slept in. . . for thousands of years, straight into modern times.  He awoke to find Guanyin very angry at the state of the world, she sent him post haste to find and serve a worthy hero.

The first hero he found was an snarky purple Archer who told him to buzz off.

Thinking all the real heroes dead Sun Wukong traveled to the underworld and stumbled across the soul of Wong Fei Hung. Sun Wukong took his spirit back to the land of the living in search for a body. Though sheer fortune the Monkey King found Project Chimera and was able to attach the soul to their clone body and thus Wong Fie Hung was reborn.

Right has Fie Hung was waking up Pigsy called across the cosmos for Wukong’s help so he left Fei Hung in the capable hands of Project Chimera.

When the Guardian’s formed Sun WuKong revealed himself and asked to serve Fie Hung. Wong Fei Hung, having heard tales of the Monkey King, humbly accepted.

A few days later WuKong discovered that Fei Hung had no memory of the afterlife and believed himself to be a mere clone. Realizing the truth might get him into trouble with his new master (WHAT? You knew all this time and never told me?) Sun Wukong has decided to say nothing.

Personality and Appearance

Sun Wukong is impulsive, arrogant and cheeky. He’ll act in an instant to avenge slight or right a  wrong. His overconfidence often gets him into trouble. He has no respect for earthly authorities.

That being said his journey with Xuanzang has left him with a deep respect for human life and a love for mankind. He’s a devout Buhddist; he won’t eat meat, he won’t swear, he’ll avoid killing and follows the eight fold path in his own awkward way.

Wukong is serious about serving Wong Fie Hung.  Partially due to Guanyin’s command, partially due to the turmoil he has caused Fei Hung and partially out of respect for Fei Hung’s discipline and bravery. He’ll obey Fei Hung’s commands, not without complaint but he’ll still obey.

In his default form Wukong is a short Monkey dressed in a tiger skin, carrying a sturdy staff with golden tips. Depending on his expression he can seem a cute or fierce.

Abilities and Resources

Wukong is a primal stone monkey. Even without his powers he’s incredibly strong, tough and fast. He’s also had his fill of the peaches of immortality granting him everlasting life, that is unless violence or misfortune finishes him off.

Wukong is a master Taoist Sage. This gives him the ability to shape change into nearly anything. He uses this ability with viciousness or cunning, whichever suits the situation. He can also pull off a strand of his fur and make a weaker duplicate of himself, even to the point of making a small monkey army.

Wukong is armed with the As-You-Will Cudgel. It’s rumored this weapon was responsible for holding a galaxy in place and is one of the most powerful artifacts in the cosmos. This staff can stretch the length of an entire city or shrink to the size of a pin. Wukong often hides it behind his ear. I’ts impossible to destroy and will shape shift or multiply with Wukong’s magic.

Wukong has connections all over the Heavenly Court. If he runs into a situation he can’t handle he’ll travel to Heaven to enlist the aid of the Zodiac Warriors, Lao Tzu or even the Yellow Emperor.

Despite his connection with Guyanyin Bodhisattvas will not appear at Wukongs’ request. They work in subtler ways and will only appear to those ready to see them.

Party Integration

Wong Fei Hung: He’s brave, honest and strong. One of the Greatest humans you’ve ever met, a worthy master. Though if he ever finds out you forgot to tell him that he’s the real deal he’ll blow a gasket.

Yi the Archer: She’s a nice kid, a little shy though. She laughs at your jokes so you look out for her.

Summoner: A brilliant human woman, she has such amazing tricks! You have a lot of fun with her.

Thunder: He’s a powerful mutant, a great fighter but far too stuffy.

The Guardians: Wong Fei Hung

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I want Wong Fei Hung in this group so he’s the first Guardian. The way Jet Li portrayed him in Once Upon A Time In China was so inspiring I would have it no other way. I’ll admit bringing him from the past to the future is a tad Captain Americaesqe but I think he’s a strong enough character to stand on his own.

The next Guardian I’ll work on is Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. His story is linked to the new Wong Fei Hung’s and I hope to play Monkey off this character during the Phantasam game.

As I add new characters I’ll update the previous ones with each character’s thoughts/feelings on their teammates.


Solo: D10   Buddy: D6   Team: D8


  • Child of Chimera
  • Under the Shadow of Greatness
  • Chinese Paragon

Power Sets

Built A Better Man

Enhanced Stamina: D8, Enhanced Strength: D8, Longevity: D6

*Longevity simply means Wong Fie Hung can could live well into his 20o’s. No real game effect unless he’s hit by some kind of aging beam/curse.


  • Immunity To Disease (Costs 1 PP)


  • Government Property: Wong Fei Hung gets 1 PP whenever he experiences discrimination for being a clone or when the Chinese Government uses the ‘we made you’ card as leverage against him.

Man of Determination

Enhanced Reflexes: D8, Resistance (Against Psychic Intrusion, Intimidation and Fatigue): D8


  • Shadowless Kick: Step up up Combat to D12, remove the highest rolling die on your attack but keep three instead of two.
  • Man of the People: Step up Psyche to D12 when performing any leadership action. If you fail though add a D10 to the Doom Pool
  • Barefoot Doctor: In a Transition Scene remove any physical Stress die from 1  patient. However, a stepped down version of that die goes to the Doom Pool.


  • Monkey! For 1 PP step up your Emotional Stress by 1 whenever Sun Wukong acts out.
  • Long Shadow: For 1 PP add a D6 to the Doom Pool if you fail in your heroic duties.
  • Stuck In His Ways: For 1 PP automatically fail at understanding a modern gadget or cultural practice.


Acrobatic: 8D, Combat: 10D, Medical: D10, Psych: 10D


Who Am I?

  • 1 XP: Defeat a deserving foe with your Hung Gar or negotiate past violence with your diplomacy.
  • 3 XP: Stand up for China in a significant way as Wong Fei Hung or do something your mantel would never do in a fashion that gets people talking.
  • 10 XP: Come to terms that you are for all intents and purposes Wong Fei Hung and live up to your obligations or reach an understanding that you’re a new person and quit the Guardians to go find yourself.

Save X’ian!

  • 1 Xp: Save an individual or group of people.
  • 3 Xp: Calm tension or fear in the city in a significant way.
  • 10 XP: Discover and punish whoever truly is responsible for this disaster.


Project Chimera is a Chinese program to clone the great people of the past. It’s met with little success. Bodies can be rebuilt but not spirits or minds.  However, a year ago the project was vindicated. Chimera had secured a DNA sample of the folk hero Wong Fei Hung and using an experimental process they reconstituted his body in a mere three days. Much to their delight they also replicated the mind, personality and skills of the great hero.

Disaster nearly struck when Hydra attacked Chimera’s facilities in Beijing. The guards were ill equipped. Wong Fie Hung however, not so much. With nothing but his Hung Gar he single-handedly drove the terrorists back. His struggle was caught and went viral on You Tube. Rather than hide who he was the Government revealed the project and its greatest success; holding up the newly resurrected Wong Fei Hung as a shining example of Chinese ingenuity.

A few months later he was assigned leadership of the Guardians, China’s answer to the Avengers.

It’s funny though, Project Chimera has yet to duplicate their success with Wong Fie Hung. Even their attempts to copy  just the improved body have failed.

Personality and Appearance

On the outside Fie Hung exudes confidence, selflessness and reason. Inwardly he has his doubts. This is not his China, this is not his time and he may not even be himself. Fei Hung is antiquated but he’s not stupid, he’s picked up what cloning means and is disturbed by its connotations. Despite that he’s accepted his country’s call and strives to serve as a worthy hero.

Fie Hung prefers the old ways but is willing to adapt to the new. He’s accepts his all of his teammates as truly worthy to fight for China. He studies the ‘new’ medicine avidly. However at times his ‘age’ shows when he gets flummoxed with modern gadgets or culture.

Fie Hung is above all a reasonable man. He’ll try diplomacy before violence (time willing). He holds his own beliefs dear but will accept differences in opinion. He’s loyal to his country but he holds no hatred for others.

Wong Fie Hung is an attractive, athletic young man with fierce brown eyes. He wears his long black hair in a tight, traditional braid. He dresses as a 1800’s style, wearing a white marshal outfit while on Guardian missions.

Abilities and Resources

Fei Hung’s body was built to last. His strength and endurance are beyond the peak of human achievement. He’ll never get sick and his life expectancy’s double your average man’s. The modern Wong Fei Hung has kicked through Hydra armor and took on entire enemy squads without tiring.

Fei Hung is the undisputed master of Hung Gar. He’s not as ‘mystical’ as Iron Fist but his style holds a terrifying efficiency.

Wong Fei Hung is a very skilled doctor however his Guardian duties prevent him from utilizing this to the full benefit of mankind.

As a popular hero and the leader of the Guardians Wong Fie Hung holds considerable clout. He refuses to use such for politics but has managed to bring considerable attention to charitable causes across China an the world.

Party Integration

Sun Wukong: You don’t believe in fairy tails but Wukong seems real enough, perhaps he’s an alien like that Thor character? He’s rambunctious, undisciplined and very very powerful. Quite frankly at times he scares you. On the other hand his desire to protect human life seems earnest enough. Why he chose to serve you, you have no idea. However, it’s best that he’s on your side rather than against it.

Yi the Archer: She wields the Celestial Bow, a powerful alien artifact, this makes her a force to be reckoned with. She’s suffered in the name of protecting others, this makes her a hero. All she needs is a little more training and confidence.

Summoner: You honestly don’t know who terrifies you more, Wukong or her. Summoner has a brilliant scientific mind but also a manic curiosity that makes her unpredictable and dangerous. On the other hand her tech and talents are indispensable.

Thunder:  The science of Evolution fascinates you and to witness it in action in your fellow man is exhilarating. Thunder’s a good man. You’re glad to have him on the team.

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: The Guardians

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I’ve played Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and find it most awesome. In that regard I’m running a game at Phantasm this year.

Here’s the Pitch:

It happened just before dawn. Few in the Xi’an noticed the hot, static wind that rushed through the streets. The sudden swirling of black clouds. The light rain shower that tickled the streets. But all were shook with the first apocalyptic peal of thunder as the sky opened up and spears unrelenting lightning hammered the city. 

The power grid flickers on the verge of dying, buildings have crumbled, flames lick the alleys, thousands flee and something is rumbling under the pavement threatening to crack the very foundations of this ancient city.

But all is not lost. You are of one the Guardians. Lead by Wong Fie Hung, Sun Wukong (the Monkey King) and Yi the Archer, you are China’s protectors, Earth’s Greatest Heroes. Together you will save X’ian.

It’s an adventure in Modern China with Chinese Superheroes.

I was inspired by the movie Once Upon a Time In China where Jet Li’s Wong Fie Hung  is incredibly heroic. Also I’ve had the theme stuck in my head for quite some time. I thought, what if we could freeze this and take it forward in time to battle Doctor Doom? Well this adventure’s my answer.

I did a quick look up on Marvel’s Chinese Superheroes and the ran across The Collective Man who I don’t really like so I’ll draw up my own heroes.

My goal here then is to make a group of Chinese Heroes who are every bit as epic and heroic as the Avengers. I’m going to borrow from Chinese myth, mix up a few ideas of my own and hopefully come up with something exciting.

I’ll post the characters up here as I write them.

Lemme know what you think.