Who Is Chall?


I’m Chris Challice and this is my blog.

I tell stories, some of them are even published, specifically:

I also have a storytelling Youtube channel, which you can also access, in podcast format on iTunes and Google Play.

Follow me on Twitter.

Want to get in contact? Send me an email to chris.challice@gmail.com

10 Responses to “Who Is Chall?”

  1. Adam Krump Says:

    So, I just heard about Princess Drive and your other add-ons for ADX. Is there any way to get them, or did I miss out when I missed the Kickstarter? (If they’re in the final book for Apotheosis Drive X, that’ll be great and push me over the edge into buying it……) Otherwise is there someplace I can get them?


    • Hi Adam thanks for your interest,

      I’ve checked with David Hill on the matter and being part of the kickstarter will not exclude you from the anthology, when it comes out it’ll be available as a separate product.

      When will come out? I believe soon but I can’t really say for sure, sorry :(. I submitted my DTC piece but beyond that I have no current work for it.

      That being said there is a Dragon Trinity Crash solo adventure available on this blog if you’d like to give that a try and I’m crafting another for public consumption. It’s not what you’ll get in the Anthology but I hope it suffices.

  2. Since finding your setting,Knights Of The Hidden Sun, In my search for Space Fantasy. In formation on KOTHS is scarce, is the project sill on going?

    • First, really sorry for not getting back to your earlier. Something big’s come up and I’ve been focused on that.

      Given said big thing I haven’t done much work on Knights of the Hidden Sun. It’s still on my to-do but has had to take a back burner given recent developments.

      They’re good developments though. 🙂

      That being said, depending on how the next few months go I’ll either be jumping back on KoTHS or working on something else equally as exciting.

      Thanks for asking, I’m happy folks are still interested.

  3. Just curious… Are you thinking on finishing Fate of Secret of NIMH?

    • I’m honestly tempted. Right now though I have to finish a Vanagard Expansion, then get Knights of the Hidden Sun back on track, then release Dragon Trinity Crash.

      The first draft of the Vanagard expansion is almost done.

      SO much to do.

  4. Hi Chris,

    Thank so much for making a free gamebook for the Fate system. An introduction to an RPG system is so much easier with a gamebook. I am going to include your gamebooks in a game design curriculum since “free” is a great price for students. I pray that it would lead to sales in your commercial efforts.

    Here is my “homeplay” assignment list: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/51318/sebastians-softboard-games-homeplay

    Can I upload your PDF that you offer here on boardgamegeek.com or rpggeek.com?

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