True North – Trickster

Oh snap! He has an accordion, run!

Oh snap! He has an accordion, run!

I grew up a scrawny wisp of a lad who got his ass handed to him in the playground every single day. The only time I won against  bullies was the rare occasion I’d outsmart them, otherwise it was Beats City for me.

I have no problem admitting this. It gave me a healthy hatred for arrogance and a useful suspicion against mankind.

As I grew up, I emphasized with wizards and tricksters.  Merlin, Luke Skywalker and Nanabush were my heroes.

Trickster then, is a callback to my days of getting the crud kicked out of me.  He uses his wit and cunning to take down the bundle of muscles I was afraid of as a kid.

Name: Trickster

Affiliations: Solo: D10 Buddy: D6 Team: D8


  • Shard of Hermes
  • Cunning Over Strength
  • Secret Good

Power Sets

God of Thieves

  • Shapechange: D10
  • Enhanced Durability (Animal Form): D8
  • Animal Speed/Flight/Swim (Animal Form): D8
  • Silver Tongue (Like mind control but not psychic): D8
  • Superhuman Reflexes (Human Form): D10
  • Enhanced Reflexes (Animal Form): 8D
  • Enhanced Senses (Animal Form): D8
  • Growth (Animal Form): D8
  • Shrinking (Animal Form): D10
  • Godlike Stamina: D12
  • Enhanced Strength (Animal Form): D8


  • God of Boxing: Step up Combat while fighting unarmed in human form.


  • Limited Shapechange: You cannot transform into fantastical creatures. Just human or non-extinct creatures, limited by your powers. Some powers will be limited or shut down depending on the form you take, for instance a mouse can’t have an 8D strength, an elephant can’t have D10 shrinking.
  • Keep Your Hand Hidden: Every scene you do not use one of your D10+ powers or specialties you get 1 PP. You no longer gain such a bonus if anyone figures out just how powerful you really are.


Acrobatic: D10, Combat: D8, Covert: D10, Crime: D10, Medical: D10, Mystic: D10, Psych: D8


  • Childhood: When the Gods of Olympus left Earth Hermes left a piece of himself behind. Trickster is that shard.
  • Day Job: Anything but being a God. He finds it much more fun to help humanity without humanity knowing his true nature. Besides, it’d be bad if Zeus found out Hermes left him behind.
  • Origin: Trickster has always had his powers.
  • As a Hero: He truly loves humanity and has been helping them in secret for centuries.
  • True North: Trickster was unfortunate enough to be in St. John’s during a hurricane. He ended up trapped in a collapsed building. True North dug him, and everyone else, out and he’s stuck with them ever since.


  • Trickster loves playing the part of the ‘dodgy hero’ while secretly devoting himself to the protection of mankind.
  • He’s comfortable taking any shape or sex and has had affairs with all sorts of characters throughout history.
  • Trickster hates those who are arrogant or bullies. Laying low a callous braggart is one of his chief joys.
  • In relation to Hallow: Trickster’s methods are not to Hallows liking, so much that he’s been kicked off the team several times. This hasn’t gotten rid of him though. Secretly he admires Hallow greatly.
  • In relation to Grave Walker: He gets along well with Michelle, she has a sense of humor.
  • In relation to The Angel of Montreal: He’ll talk big about ‘corrupting her’ but secretly he’ll do no such thing. Woe be to anyone who takes advantage of his little angel.
  • In relation to Nanuk: He made a secret deal to secure Nanuk’s patronage of True North. He doesn’t play games with this old Bear God, the slightest misstep on the deal will lead to disaster.

Trickster has no default form. Whatever form he/she’s in is his/her current mode. This suits Trickster fine.

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