True North – Nanuk

"Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minster, yes, lets discuss who owns the North."

“Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minster, yes, lets discuss who owns the North.”

Long ago 7 year old Chris heard Manfred Mann’s Mighty Quinn. Quinn sounded awesome and I wondered when he’d show up in the next episode of Super Friends. That was back when I didn’t know the difference between Marvel, DC and good taste.

As I grew older I fell in love with Marvel, and then DC, and then all my friends who liked Marvel would dis me for liking DC, and then I became jaded.

However, that catchy tune stayed in my head and hence Nanuk.

Before writing him up I did a bit of research and discovered the term Eskimo is offensive, hence why the character isn’t named ‘The Mighty Quinn.’ Also, after some soul searching, I came to the conclusion that, no I do not want an Inuit member of my super team being the ‘cute mascot’. Instead, I studied a bit of Inuit mythology and learned about Polar Bear; the Master of Bears. He is so powerful that if you successfully hunt him it’s only because he let you. If you do so with the proper reverence his spirit will tell his friends and you’ll be successful in further hunts. This, is fertile ground for an awesome character.

Thus, the cute little Eskimo in my mind became a regal spirit who’ll work with True North as long as he’s treated with respect.

Name: Nanuk

Affiliations: Solo: D8 Buddy: D6 Team: D10


  • Gracious Hunter
  • Almost Man
  • Out of Seclusion

Power Sets

Polar Bear Spirit

  • Enhanced Durability: D8
  • Elemental Control: Blizzard Mastery: D10
  • Water Speed: D6
  • Cold Resistance: D12
  • Growth: D8
  • Enhanced Stamina: D8
  • Superhuman Strength: D10
  • Teleport (Spirit World): D10


  • Unleashed: Step up Superhuman Strength for an action. If said action fails add a D10 to the doom pool.
  • Immortal: If you die, at the beginning of every adventure make a roll including Teleport (Spirit World) vs the doom pool. If you succeed you manifest back in your northern home, whole. You cannot come back if the killing blow was mystical in nature.


  • Animal Spirit: If you want to talk to humans, as opposed to animals, you must shape change into your human form. When this happens gain 1 PP and shut down Polar Bear Spirit. Fortunately you can speak every language. If you want to reactivate Polar Bear Spirit, spend 1 PP.
  • Righteous Fury: If you are ever stressed out emotionally gain an ‘Enraged’ condition equal to your Superhuman Strength and 1 PP. You’ll be under the control of the Watcher until you take an opportunity to calm down or someone defeats the condition, in which case you’ll be out of the scene as normal for being stressed out.

Combat: D8, Covert: D10, Medical: D8, Menace: D10, Mystic: D10


  • Childhood: Nanuk is an aspect of Nanuk, the Inuit Master of Bears. His childhood was the dawn of time.
  • Day Job: This shard of Nanuk’s duty is to aid True North. Not something he would normally do but there’s no accounting for Trickster.
  • Origin: Nanuk has always had his powers.
  • As a Hero: Nanuk is a spirit, not a hero. Still good but there is a difference.
  • True North: To quell an Elder God in the far north Trickster struck a secretive deal with Nanuk. After the mission the nature of the deal made this shard of Nanuk stay with the group. He’s been with True North ever since. He’s rather frightening but  will respect human laws as long as True North respects him.


  • Patient, alert, the consummate hunter.
  • This Nanuk is actually curious about the outside world. He’ll try new things, just in a cautious manner.
  • He’s proud, and has every right to be. He’s not arrogant but won’t stand for an insult.
  • In relation to Hallow: Because Hallow respects who Nanuk is, Nanuk will follow his lead. That is unless his directions are unwise, however, David has yet to disappoint.
  • In relation to Grave Walker: The jackal priestess understands him, they get along.
  • In relation to The Angel of Montreal: She’s a half spirit with a kind heart. Nanuk will accept the occasional impropriety from her, she means no offence.
  • In relation to Trickster: Their deal will hold, for now. Nanuk will not underestimate him.


  • Nanuk is a 15 foot tall polar bear with ice blue eyes and wicked claws and fangs.
  • When he switches to human form he’s a staggeringly handsome Inuit man, dressed in traditional garb that suits the current weather perfectly.

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