The Guardians: Thunder

In Marvel lore mutants are especially persecuted in China. With Zheng’s story I wanted to reflect this while not portraying everyone in the Chinese Government as bigoted against mutants. There are good and bad eggs everywhere and I hope Thunder’s background exemplifies this. Ultimately I think this approach fits the Mighty Marvel way; after all even Captain America clashes with his government from time to time.


Solo:  D8  Buddy:  D10 Team: D6 


  • Heaven’s Roar
  • Web Of Treasured Secrets
  • Hardened Soul, Gentle Spirit

Power Sets

Yang Sonics

Enhanced Durability: D10, Enhanced Strength: D10, Thunder Clap: D12


  • Full Power!: Step up any Yang Sonics but then shut it down the next turn until you spend 1 PP to reabsorb enough sound.
  • Area Affect for Thunder Clap


  • Shut Down: Thunder Clap will shut down all Yang Sonics  until 1 PP is spent to absorb enough ambient sound. Silence at its full effect must be used for 1 action when reactivating Yang Sonics.
  • Vulnerable: While at rest, for 1 PP, the Guide can rule that Yang Sonics is shut down. Zheng doesn’t have his powers active 24/7.
  • Growing Dread: 1s and 2s count as opportunities when using Thunder Clap, gain 1 PP.
  • Mutant: Gain 1 PP when persecuted for being a mutant.

Yin Sonics

Enhanced Hearing: D10, Mimic Sounds: D10, Silence: D10


  • Absorb Direct Sonic Attacks: Can be used to boost either power set.
  • Area Silence: Silence can be used in an area.


  • Hush: Full Silence must be used when absorbing sound, 1 PP if this results in difficulties.

*Mimic Sound allows Thunder to mimic any earthly noise, some cosmic and occult sounds are beyond him. Silence cancels out noise. Use it to to block sonic attacks, stop arguments or aid in Stealth.


Acrobatic: D8, Combat: D8, Covert: D8,  Crime: D10, MenaceD8


Son of The Atom

  • 1 XP: Use your powers to aid someone in a significant way.
  • 3 XP: Your actions change an individual or group’s view of mutants.
  • 10 XP: Your actions result in a radical shift of Chinese Mutant policy for good or for ill.

Friends In Need:

  • 1 Xp: Discover that your contact, Ghost Child, was affected by Xi’an’s disaster.
  • 3 Xp: Save her from harm.
  • 10 XP: Save Ghost Child while simultaneously protecting her from the Mutant Task Force.


Du  Zheng was 16 when a corrupt superintendent hurt his mother. Zheng shouted and blew him 30 meters out of their fifteenth story apartment. Thus began Zheng’s life on the run.

CAPF’s (the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force) Mutant Task Force hounded him for the next 17 years. Cleverness, luck and street smarts kept Zheng safe. He learned to survive on the streets and the wilderness, he forged underground contacts and allied himself with other hidden mutants.

To survive he resorted to everything from theft to defending himself with lethal force. However, he never sunk to true lows such as kidnapping or murder.

Slowly he built a life for himself. He knew people who could watch his back and others came to rely on him. He gained an extensive ‘family’ of contacts and fellow survivors that stretched across China.

Two years ago everything changed. Zheng was living in Changsha when it was struck by a massive earthquake. He was lucky and pulled through with nary a scratch, others however were not so fortunate.

Zheng’s first instinct was to flee but seeing the wreckage and suffering before him; fire rampantly spreading, children trapped in buildings, the wounded crawling and crying for help he hesitated. Then seeing regular folks, men and women who had pulled through much worse than he, lend a hand moved him to action.

The sounds of sirens and human misery hushed across the city as Zheng absorbed them into himself, making him strong. He then used that strength to help those in need; even if he had to tear through buildings to do so.

Everyone who saw Zheng knew him to be a mutant, in fact a Mutant Task Force who’d been tracking him spotted him immediately. However, no one cried in fear, no one sneered in contempt; Zheng was saving lives and that was enough. In fact the people’s cheers kept him strong.

Once the crisis was over the Task Force moved in but didn’t get to far. Ruan Wu the Governor of Hunan Province swept in and cheerfully offered to take care of this mutant devil with a Heroes feast. Judging the mood of the crowd the Task Force officers wisely agreed to leave the matter to Wu.

Wu became Zheng’s patron and kept the CAPF at bay for a few months, all the while letting Zheng rest in his manor.  When the Guardian initiative was enacted shortly thereafter it was Wu’s push that got Zheng a place. He accepted Guardianship which in turn  protected him and his secrets from the Mutant Task Force.

Personality and Appearance

Zheng’s the strong silent type. He works hard and takes pride in simply doing his best.

He won’t speak of his old life to anyone for fear of risking his contacts. He’s loyal to a fault and this also means won’t betray the Guardians. Thankfully his loyalties have yet to be torn on either side.

Zheng’s ashamed of the crimes he committed on the run and sees Guardianship as the best way to atone.

He’s worried about his mother, the only family he has. He spends the lion-share of his free time trying to track her down but so far has had no luck.

Zheng’s a powerful man in his 30’s. He has a serious but handsome face and short cropped black hair. He’s tanned from years of working outside. His costume is simply a gray muscle shirt with the I Ching Trigram ‘Chen the Arousing (Shock Thunder)’ emblazoned on the front and back. He also wears naturally ripped jeans and ass-kicker steel toe boots.

Abilities and Resources

Zheng’s mutation allows him to absorb sound to make himself tougher and stronger much like the Super Villian Klaw. When he does this everything around him quiets to a whisper. He then holds this power in and for a few minutes can bend steel with his bare hands and shrug off bullets.

Zheng can also release all of  his power in one go, either by clapping his hands or shouting. This creates a massive shockwave capable of taking out an unprepared Sentinel.

Zheng’s also mastered the subtler aspects of his mutation. If he focuses he can give himself extremely sensitive hearing. He can also manipulate sound waves to mimic other sounds.

Zheng’s still great friends with Ruan Wu. While Wu isn’t the most powerful man in China he has a vast array of contacts of which he’s willing to make use of in Zheng’s aid. It’s rumored that old man Wu sees Zheng as the son he never had.

Party Integration

Wong Fei Hung: A true legend. You’re honored to work beside him.

Sun Wukong: You loved Sun Wukong as a kid. In person he’s. . . powerful but disappointing. You expected him to be more responsible.

Yi the Archer: She’s a good friend and a great hero.

Summoner: She’s crafty and clever. You don’t trust her but duty requires you work with her.

2 Responses to “The Guardians: Thunder”

  1. A great character write-up. I meant to ask at Phantasm if this was at all inspired by Thunderfist from my Simple Superheroes game.
    Of course the only thing they have in common is the “Thunderclap” power which is a pretty common superhero trope.

    • Thanks.

      I imagined an unnatural hush falling over a ruined city and then this character hammering the bad guy and everything sorta flowed from there.

      While he’s not a direct inspiration I do look forward to more issues of Simple Superheroes in the future.

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