Knights of the Hidden Sun Souls of Our Ancestors Episode 5

Here it is.

Sorry for the long hiatus. Last week I attended HammerCon II and it pretty much wiped me out.

It was a real endurance run for gamers. I ended up playing DC Heroes, Pathfinder, a number of other games in their speed gaming segment AND still managed to run two sessions of Knights of the Hidden Sun. All in all not a bad Saturday.

This is the episode I played RIGHT after the con so if I sound draggy you know why.

In this Episode Rixel realizes that having a large black energy bow of death really isn’t helpful when you’re stuck on a derelict starship. To make things worse ‘Night Man’ from Episode 3 makes an appearance and Rixel’s not taking any chances with him. It’s a short story,half of it is Souls of Our Ancestors and the rest is about fun in Hammer Con but I promise tonight’s show (to be posted next week) will have a lot more Hidden Sun goodness.

Hope you enjoy.


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