Knights of the Hidden Sun Souls of Our Ancestors Episode 3

Here it is.

In this Episode Rixel makes a deal with a Golem and his two cronies to find the soul of their ancestor which is lost somewhere on Croe’s surface. In return they will give Rixel a ride on their starship so she can eventually confront Director Smythe.

This Episode deals strongly with Crow’s Nail at its conclusion. This brings to mind something I find odd about RPGs in general:

Often our characters are defined by their equipment: A particular class combo isn’t as good without that key magic item, a street samurai is the sum of his cyberware, in MMORPGs finding the right gear will drive folks to play the same adventure over and over again until they get that oh so juicy drop.

This bothers me.

I know King Arther and Excalibur are linked, I understand that the Thor’s hammer is a big part of him and Luke Skywalker wouldn’t be the same without his lightsaber but come on, these characters are more than their items. Arther had to be worthy to draw the sword, Thor is the only one who can wield his hammer, Luke’s lightsaber will do him no good in that cave.

Then again, we live in a material world and all that rot. Perhaps we’ll be defined by our iPods but I hope not.

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